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Aerospace & High Reliability System

Aerospace & High Reliability System

Aerospace & High Reliability System bring forth mission critical applications demanding the most rugged, reliable, and secure SSD under the most extreme environments. Exascend products are designed to meet the high shock, vibration, wide temperature range, long life cycle, locked bill-of-material requirements. Exascend products are built to withstand MIL- STD-810G environmental testing, but when an application has specific requirements, we can perform custom testing and product modifications conforming to these unique conditions. In addition, recognizing the growing need for performance and consistency, we are the only SSD vendor to introduce enterprise-grade performance to complement our rugged industrial design. Exascend products guarantee the lowest latency and best performance consistency under any operating condition. In addition to rugged design, security related features are also one of our product highlights. We support Aerospace & High Reliability System grade encryption (FIPS197), wide range of Aerospace & High Reliability System security erase protocols, hardware triggered sanitized erase, tamper proof firmware protection is some of our exclusive product features. 

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